Approaching our third year at LVM Law Chambers, our Managing Director Mr Lok Vi Ming S.C. pens a personal reflection about the journey we’ve undertaken. Read on to hear his thoughts, and also catch a glimpse of what we’ve been up to the past three years.

As we look back at our first 3 years, we are both humbled as well as grateful for the approximately one thousand cases we have had the privilege to have conduct of. Some of these cases were more complex than others, some of greater value than others. Some were for institutional clients, some for individual clients who could hardly afford legal representation. But to us, the cases were all important, and the clients were all significant.

Over here is a sampling of the cases we have handled over the past 18 months.

The cases above offer a wide breadth over a diverse practice spectrum, thus offering to our legal practitioners the opportunity of developing and honing skills in different disciplines and also to work more effectively with clients from different backgrounds and with different expectations.

We are proud that our lawyers continue to contribute to the profession and to society. Professionally, many of us serve on professional committees with the Law Society and with the Academy of Law. We also sit as adjudicators with organisations like FIDReC, as mediators with the Singapore International Mediation Centre and the Singapore Mediation Centre, on disciplinary committees with the Law Society, the SGX and the CEA, where the contributions are not remunerated or are effectively nominal. In terms of contribution to the broader society, some of us contribute through doing pro bono work, while some serve on boards of charities, or give time to projects and pursuits which do not repay materially, but which benefit the less fortunate in society. A number of our lawyers also teach and lecture at our law schools, train law students in the art of advocacy and impart the time tested and celebrated values of ethics in legal practice.

At the time of compilation of these cases, Singapore has just embarked on circuit breaker arrangements implemented to stop the spread of Covid-19. The measures allow us all to slow down and remind us that our actions frequently do impact those around us, very much a reminder of the neighbour principle. It also exhorts us to be considerate in our actions, to cherish what we have, and to be thankful for the things which are truly precious to us – Life, love, and family.

These are values that we wanted LVM to be defined by when we first started in 2017, and continue to be the values that we celebrate at LVM. Looking back, we have come a long way since our inception. In the process, we have tried to evolve a professional culture that inspires our lawyers to do their best and excel in their trade, that best serves our clients’ interests, that respects our opponents and assists the Court.  We have tried to achieve this culture without sacrificing our guiding values.

On a personal note, I thank all of you for your support and friendship. We pray that we will more than just survive this Covid-19 scourge, but will emerge from it stronger and better. God bless us all.

Lok Vi Ming, S.C.