Ooi Huey Hien

Associate Director
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore


Huey Hien has 9 years’ of extensive experience in complex international litigation and international arbitration.

She has a niche practice in LVM Law Chambers LLC’s China Practice Group, having represented various state-owned entities and private international companies in both Singapore’s domestic Courts and in both domestic and international arbitration under the auspices of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and other notable arbitration institutions. She has specialist experience in handling disputes that are adjudicated under the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC). She also has experience in mediation under the auspices of the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), and ad hoc mediations.

Huey Hien’s dispute areas span a wide variety of commercial interests, including oil and gas, telecommunications, transport, and cross-border contractual and tortious disputes, and includes commercial disputes that were borne out of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Part of Huey Hien’s key practice areas also involves Fraud and Commercial Investigations. She has acted for clients in cross-border professional negligence dispute resolution, including accounting, and other professional lapses that has spanned various key jurisdictions such as Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and others.

Huey Hien also acts in medical negligence matters as part of her portfolio of professional negligence.

Since she was called to the bar in 2013, Huey Hien has worked with a variety of well-established practitioners, including various Senior Counsel, and has therefore developed an especial focus and niche in complex disputes resolution. Huey Hien believes in being commercially minded and strives to present her clients with solutions. She also does not shy away from advancing novel arguments in suitable cases. She is also well-versed in handling matters which require attention to detail and which involve technical aspects, such as in telecommunications dispute resolution.

Ultimately, she envisions working hand in hand with her clients to achieve their aims.

Case Highlights

International Arbitration

  • Acted for a multinational company in a complex international arbitration involving the fabrication and assembly of commercial vehicles concerning Thai Law, that spanned 3 concurrent arbitration proceedings at the SIAC with issues of interpretation of contractual provision, tax exemption issues arising from the operation of industrial free trade zones, and potential criminal proceedings arising from the disputes.
  • Acted for a major Chinese telecommunication company in a complex intellectual property dispute over the payment of license fees. The dispute involved novel aspects of EU, French, PRC, UK anti-competition laws and a qualitative and quantitative analysis by an actuarial scientist on the quantification of damage recoverable and included arguments on doctrine of illegality under the laws of various jurisdictions and issues relating to the restitutionary remedy for unjust enrichment.
  • Acted for a multinational telecommunications company in a complex and highly technical international arbitration concerning license fees and royalty payments in respect of video conferencing devices over a decade long period.

Domestic Dispute Resolution

  • Acted for a China state-owned entity to defend against a claim for management fees in respect of an agreement that was fraudulently entered into as part of a scheme of kickbacks to the wrongdoers.
  • Acted for a company which was part of a global group of companies having substantial presence in China and in Australia, in respect of a corporate guarantee worth tens of millions of dollars.
  • Acted for a law practice in a claim relating to payments made by the law firm out of amounts held under various escrow accounts. The payments were held in respect of certain housing developments in a foreign country. The matter is pending trial in the High Court.
  • Acted for a foreign client in an action commenced by an integrated resort in Singapore for gambling losses suffered.
  • Acted for a business owner in defending a suit in unjust enrichment for certain investment monies that were argued to be repaid for total failure of consideration.
  • Assisted in acting for a local major telecommunications company in a regulatory dispute with a state-linked entity in Singapore which involved an appeal to the Minister.
  • Acted for an international accounting company in defending a multi-party suit in fraud and misrepresentation, in respect of certain accounts it had approved for use in Brazil.
  • Assisted in a trial, and in cross-appeals to the Singapore Court of Appeal, in an action concerning fees allegedly payable to certain errant fiduciaries and their mismanagement of over S$100 million in assets.
  • Assisted in acting for a partner in a joint venture partnership for breach of partnership concerning a multi-million dollar project in China.
  • Advised and acted for various insurers in defending a claim on a commercial insurance contract whereby payment of USD 3 million was sought under an insurance policy which was meant to insure against failure to pay and deliver goods by the commercial counterparty.


  • Member, Law Society of Singapore
  • Member, Singapore Academy of Law
  • SMU Practice Advisory Board (2021-2022)

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